Ang Probinsyano Ending: John Estrada Posts Heartfelt Tribute for Coco Martin

ANG PROBINSYANO ENDING – Actor John Estrada took to social media a heartfelt tribute to Ang Probinsyano star Coco Martin.

The FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano which is one of the longest-running TV series in the Philippine showbiz industry that aired for seven years gathered several stars in the industry. One of those who became part of the casts was John Estrada who played an antagonist role, Armando.

The Ang Probinsyano ending hooked a lot of people. John Estrada’s character is one of those who made an exit before the finale. On Instagram, he posted a heartfelt tribute to the program’s main star and also its director, Coco Martin.

John Estrada, Coco Martin

Ang Probinsyano Final Episode

Netizens Hooked by Ang Probinsyano Final Episode Breaking Records

ANG PROBINSYANO FINAL EPISODE – The ABS-CBN action-drama TV series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano aired its finale after seven years of airing.

One of the television series that really left a huge mark in the hearts of many Filipinos is FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. It is mainly starred by Kapuso star Coco Martin who played the role of SPO2 Cardo Dalisay. He has an innate pursuit of making the country a better place by putting a stop to the ill-doings of other people.

It was in September 2015 when Ang Probinsyano aired its first episode. The action-drama TV series immediately hooked avid viewers. Even after the shutting down of ABS-CBN, the TV series continued taping and airing on other platforms available.

After seven (7) years of airing and countless missions, Ang Probinsyano bid goodbye to the viewers. The Ang Probinsyano final episode hooked a lot of people breaking its own records.

Ang Probinsyano Final Episode
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In the Ang Probinsyano final episode that was aired last night, the Team Agila had an encounter with Renato Hipolito and his group. However, the Agilas struggled to defeat the enemies which came in several numbers.

Furthermore, the team also fell into some of the plots made by the enemies leading some of them to have been killed by their own colleagues. General Diana Oligario pushed Cardo Dalisay to protect President Oscar Hidalgo so he can escape alive.

Pres. Hidalgo refused to leave at first but Gen. Oligario convinced him and Cardo saying that the President cannot die there and leave the country. Cardo followed what the General wants and protected the President.

Hipolito and his men were able to get to Cardo and shot him several times. Pres. Hidalgo who was way ahead of him returned and was the one who shot all their enemies including Hipolito. He and Cardo survived the encounter but all their colleagues in the team Agila died.

In the Ang Probinsyano final episode, Pres. Hidalgo awarded Cardo Dalisay and wanted him to lead a team that would protect the country like Team Agila did. However, the Ang Probinsyano main star decided to go home to his province and be with his family instead while serving as a policeman there.

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