Gas Stations to Impose Another Round of Oil Price Rollback Next Week

PUMP PRICE ROLLBACK – Filipino motorists to brace for another round of oil price rollback starting next week.

During this modern generation, the prices of petroleum products play a very important role to the country’s economy. Pump price adjustment usually causes significant impact on prices of products and services in the country.

The consecutive oil price hike during the past few months contributed to the daily burden of Filipino people, especially those who were in the public transport sector. Price rollbacks can somehow ease the struggles of Filipino drivers.

Oil Price Rollback

Oil companies eye another round of hefty rollback on prices of petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene next week. The price adjustment was based on the movement of oil trading monitoring over the past few days.

Gasoline stations said that the price of gasoline will go down by P2.00 to P2.20 per liter of gasoline products, P2.10 to P2.30 per liter of diesel, and P2.50 to P2.70 per liter of kerosene.

According to the oil industry source, the projected price adjustment is still subject to change. Oil firms usually make an official announcement every Monday and impose changes every Tuesday.

Oil Price Rollback

The Department of Energy Oil Industry Management Bureau director Rino Abad has also confirmed the possible rollback next week.

The Department of Energy has also released the latest data showing the year-to-date total adjustments, which stand at P19.65 per liter of gasoline and P32.35 per liter of diesel.

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