Car Driver Gets Into Accident During Driving Lesson (Video)

Video of Car Driver Who Gets Into Accident During Driving Lesson Goes Viral

The car driver who gets into an accident during his driving lesson goes viral and elicits reactions from the netizens.

Nowadays, aspiring motorists are required to undergo training and other procedures before receiving certificates and a driver’s license. Individuals who want to drive need to go to driving institutions for proper training.

Proper training is necessary in order to avoid accidents along the road. However, accidents can occur everywhere and even during training. Facilitators at driving institutions always ensure the safety of their customers.

Car Driver

Future drivers should also take precautionary measures and observe patience during training or actual driving. It would prevent accidents or misunderstandings along the road.

The Facebook page “Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted” has shared the video footage of an aspiring car driver who gets into an accident during his driving lesson. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that a guy named Jason is taking a driving lesson at a private property. The latter start to drive while following the orange cones, which serve as guidelines on the track.

Unfortunately, Jason failed to control his vehicle after reaching a corner. He failed to make a turn and accidentally hits the wall. However, the driver and his colleague inside the car were safe after the incident.

The video has a caption:

Part of learning, GO lang Jason.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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