AJ Raval Rumored Pregnancy: Is This Her Second Baby?

AJ Raval is once again a hot topic on social media

The rumored pregnancy of actress AJ Raval is one of the most talked-about showbiz topics these past few days and rumor has it that this is her second child already.

Amid the issue, AJ clarified that she is not pregnant. However, veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin, the one who reported about this on her program, debunked the actress’s claim that she tested positive for COVID-19 and so she left the set of her new movie without finishing the shoot.

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In a recent Showbiz Update vlog of talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz, this hot topic about AJ was discussed. Ogie said that if this rumor is true, then, there is nothing with it because AJ is a woman and she has the capacity to get pregnant.

Then, Mrena, one of the co-hosts, asked Ogie why AJ had to make her first pregnancy a secret. “Marites na Marites naman ‘tong si Mrena,” the talent manager-vlogger said while smiling. Ogie added that AJ also has the choice not to reveal that personal happening in her life. He also said that AJ’s camp can argue that it is their choice to keep the private life of the actress away from the spotlight.

Mama Loi asked “meron nga ba?” Ogie replied “meron daw.” The talent manager also said that if this supposed second pregnancy of AJ will be kept a secret again, people should understand her. “Kasi kung itago man ito ni AJ Raval, di na ito first time, second time around niyang gagawin, if ever it’s true” he said.

When Mama Loi asked if this means that there is a possibility that the pregnancy rumor is not true, Ogie said that he is waiting for AJ to speak about this issue.

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