Carla Abellana Allegedly Gathering Evidence Against Tom Rodriguez

Is the conflict between Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez not yet over?

Actress Carla Abellana is allegedly gathering pieces of evidence against her former husband actor Tom Rodriguez.

Following the confirmation that Tom and Carla are no longer legally married, the issues somehow have subsided. However, just recently, their controversial breakup was once again recalled.

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In a recent interview, Carla’s father, seasoned actor Rey PJ Abellana was asked about this. He said that even though Carla and Tom are now divorced, he is still hoping that they will reconnect because of the marriage vow that they had when they got married.

Rey also admitted that he has not talked to Carla since the issue started. To recall, the seasoned actor made shocking revelations about Tom and Carla which he later on retracted. It was alleged that his daughter got angry with what he said about the marital issue.

In a recent Showbiz Update vlog of talent manager Ogie Diaz, he revealed that his source said that Carla Abellana is gathering evidence against Tom Rodriguez’s alleged womanizing. “Gina-gather daw ni Carla ang lahat ng impormasyon, yung maging mabigat ang kaniyan ebidensya laban kay Tom,” Ogie said.

Then, Mama Loi, Ogie’s co-host, asked if it is true that Carla is also gathering information about the alleged woman of Tom in Cebu. “Yun din ang nabalitaan ko,” Ogie replied, adding that they should wait for the result but he heard that nothing happened in Cebu back then.

Ogie also shared that his source revealed that there were “plenty” of times when Tom and Carla were “nagkakasakitan” physically. It was said that their friends were just trying to stop them when this kind of situation happens. “Buti kamo laging may gumigitna para hindi sila magpang-abot,” Ogie added.

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