Tim Connor: Who Is This Man In The Life Of Maggie Wilson?

Know more about Tim Connor

Entrepreneur Tim Connor is not the man being linked to influencer Maggie Wilson and here are some things about him.

Maggie announced her breakup with her husband Victor Consunji late last year. This came with some controversies as the former beauty queen shared on her social media posts.

tim connor
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After the breakup, Maggie was linked to Tim but they stressed that whatever they have did not happen when they were still with their former partners. Amid the recent issue, Tim shared that he does not want to grant any interview about this but he hopes that the conflict between Maggie and Victor will be solved soon for the sake of their son.

In a recent article in PEP, Tim Connor’s background was revealed. Articles about him do not reveal the identity of his parents because he refuses to divulge this information to the public. However, there were write-ups that stated that he is part of the Thai royal family.


Tim’s “bloodline spawned from two prominent Thai Royal families, The Kasemsri and The Jayankura dynasties,” an article published by L’Oficel Arabia on April 7, 2022, stated. It was said that he is the great-grandson of Mom Chao Jayankura, Her Serene Highness Princess.

On the other hand, the article stated that Tim chooses to use his British name as he was born and raised in the Surrey Hills of Southern England. Tim started his career in the business world at a young age. It was said that at the age of 17, he left college and joined Swiss Re, “the world’s largest reinsurer,” its website claims.

The website tc-fa.com, which is about him and his former partner Francesca Armstrong, describes Tim Connor as tech savvy and that he has been building and fixing computers before the inception of Apple.


Tim and Francesca founded Connoco Group in 2008 in London. At that time, they were in their 20s. Their business “provides services to clients in over 30 countries across 5 continents.” The company is focused on “music, construction, and entertainment.”

He and Maggie also established an interior design studio in 2020. Tim is also into NFTs or “non-fungible token” nowadays. Unconfirmed write-ups claim that Tim’s net worth is between 3 million dollars (Php 168.7 million) to 17 million dollars (Php 950 million).

Tim Connor stands 6” to 6’1” and this depends on what shoes he is wearing. Depending on the light, his eyes can appear green, hazel, and grey. He is a health buff. Tim’s favorite Filipino dish is adobo and he first encountered the food when Maggie cooked it for her.

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