Maggie Wilson-Victor Consunji Issue: Ogie Diaz’s Sources’ Revelations

New revelations about the Maggie Wilson-Victor Consunji issue

The sources of talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz made new revelations about the recent issue between estranged Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji.

Maggie and Victor’s conflict has captured the attention of the online community. In a recent episode of Ogie’s Showbiz Update vlog with Mama Loi, he shared the revelations from his sources coming from both camps.

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The source close to Maggie claimed that Victor is “babaero” and the former beauty queen will sue her estranged husband regarding their “conjugal property” as does not intend to leave the said property. Previously, the camp of Victor Consunji denied the claim of Maggie Wilson that she has a contract that would support her claim.

In line with this, the source close to Victor said that the former beauty queen will not leave because “she wants to enjoy the privileges of a Consunji.” “The property is corporate-owned, not owned by Victor,” the source said.

Then, Ogie shared what friends of Victor said about Maggie’s decision not to leave the said property. Allegedly, the former beauty queen wants to sustain her “lifestyle” and it is because the house is fully-furnished courtesy of Victor.

It was also alleged that when Maggie was in Dubai with her “boyfriend,” apparently referring to Tim Connor, Victor closed her credit cards. Allegedly, those credit cards are owned by Victor

Ogie said that Maggie could refute this allegation against her. Then, the talent manager-vlogger shared what his source said. It was said that Victor Consunji wanted to deal with this issue privately. “That is why he never made statements,” the source said.

However, Maggie Wilson resorted to social media postings to get what she wants and the sympathy of other people, the source said, adding that the former beauty queen is now based in Thailand where Tim Connor lives.

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