Young Lady Vomits & “Nangisay” Due to Overuse of Mobile Phone

Young Lady Gets Hospitalized Due to Overuse of Mobile Phone

DAVAO CITY – A young lady suddenly collapsed, vomits, and convulsed due to overuse of her mobile phone in Davao City.

A CCTV footage caught a 14-year-old girl identified as Jillian Tolop who suddenly collapsed and vomited inside her room. Jillian’s younger sibling immediately told their mother about the incident.

Joilyn Tolop, Jillian’s mom felt fear as the young woman bites her tongue. The family assumed that the overuse of mobile phone is the main reason why Jillian fell ill. The victim even uses mobile phone until 2:00 am and failed to eat her meal at the proper time.

Young Lady

The family brought the female teenager to a hospital in Davao City because of her condition. According to the doctors, Jillian’s oxygen and potassium levels drastically dropped while her blood sugar level shoot up.

General Physician Gerald Belandres explained that Jillian’s eyes might get strained resulting in dizziness and vomiting. He advised minors to get 8-10 hours of sleep, 6-8 hours of sleep for adults.

Belandres also advised the public to set a limit on the usage of mobile phone. He said that children are prone to strain because of too much exposure to mobile devices. Jilian promised to listen to her parents and set a limit when using mobile phone.

Young Lady

“Natutunan ko po sa karanasang nangyari po sa akin ay making po talaga sa ating mga lagulang dahil alam nila ang makakabuti para sa atin,” Jillian said.

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