Cesar Montano Says Playing Ferdinand Marcos is Harder Than Jose Rizal

Cesar Montano talked about his role in ‘Maid in Malacañang’

Award-winning actor Cesar Montano said that playing the role of the late President Ferdinand is harder than what he did in Jose Rizal.

Cesar has portrayed several remarkable roles in movies. One of the prominent characters he gave life on the big screen was the most celebrated Filipino hero.

Cesar Montano

In an interview by Inquirer entertainment columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal, the seasoned actor was asked about the hardest part in portraying Ferdinand Marcos.

The toughest part about portraying FM is the short time given to prepare for it. It’s harder than my previous role as Jose Rizal. It’s the greatest challenge of my life as an actor,”
Cesar Montano shared. He also praised how director Darryl Yap wrote the script. “It’s full of spice,” the actor said.

This is the first project of Cesar with his son Diego Loyzaga and this excites him. “I want to see what he’s really made of as an actor. I’m sure he will pull it off. He has my all-out support,” the seasoned actor said about his son.

For Diego, this project gives him twice the pressure. “It’s double the pressure to portray our new president and to be working with my Dad. But I’m up for the challenge,” he said.

In a previous statement, Diego said that it is a big honor for him to play PBBM in the movie. He even said that people can call him “loyalist.”

Meanwhile, Ruffa Gutierrez who portrays as the former First Lady shared the advice that Cesar Montano gave her for this movie. The seasoned told the former beauty queen breathe and think Imelda even off-cam. Ruffa also said that when Cesar played Rizal, he really felt that he is Rizal in his waking and sleeping hours.

What can you say about this?

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