This is why Vice Ganda says “Preno-preno naman Tita Annabelle…”

VICE GANDA – Its Showtime host Vice Ganda reacts to the comments of Tita Annabelle Rama to this candidate.

If there’s anyone unstoppable when it comes to speaking her mind no matter how hurtful or beautiful the words are as long as it’s the truth, it would be Annabelle Rama. She speaks unfiltered and being frank and honest is among the many things people love about her.

And being a judge in one of Its Showtime’s segments, she’s definitely doing a great job. She is honest but not in a brutal way. She is stating facts and she states what can be improved in a candidate. And just like recently, a Sexy Babe candidate got a taste of Tita Annabelle’s words.

According to Tita Annabelle, the candidate is already a package but still needs some improvement in her body. She said that the candidate needs to work out her arms because it’s too thin that it is not already proportionate to her body. This is the same with her behind.

She lacks in this department and Tita Annabelle also wanted her to work on that part of her body. But overall, she finds her beautiful and has the potential to be in a beauty pageant.

But as much as she wanted her to improve those particular parts, she also wanted her not to resort to the unnatural way of enhancing her body.

Tita Annabelle expressed, “Kulang ka dun. Di ko sasabihing magpagawa ka kasi magpagawa ka pangit. Kasi ang fake, para kang nagdadala ng unan sa likod mo.”

And this is the part where Vice Ganda reacted. The comedian quipped, “Preno-preno naman, Tita Annabelle…”

Watch the video below:

Here are some comments:

The best judge talaga si Miss Anabelle Rama.

I don’t see anything wrong with what Annabelle said. It’s true and constructive. She even said that overall, she finds her pretty.

you can see how tensed Ruffa & Raymond were. Grabe si tita Anabelle, walang preno. Haha

Love Annabelle Rama’s comment..Honest…


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