Vice Ganda Makes Nicole Share About Her Previous Relationship

Nicole Cordoves shares insights in a new vlog of Vice Ganda as she spoke about her past relationship.

VICE GANDA – Beauty queen Nicole Cordoves shares realizations about her past relationship in this Vice Ganda’s vlog.

Nicole Cordoves was on top but it’s the top that you are thinking right now you naughty creature. It’s being on top of a relationship that made her bring herself back to uncertainty again. She just ended an almost 7-year relationship and being on top made her realize that it’s all painful once you lose control over something you used to think you have control over.

She lost it all and she got drained. And when she woke up with the thought of ending it – there was no turning back anymore. She’s that firm when it comes to things that she wants and things that don’t want. She did not lose love at all but time had its way with her feelings – “napaglipasan” as per her words.

The beauty queen expressed that she still has the love for that person but it’s not the same romantic love she felt before. She gave everything before she gave up. She drained herself until she could give nothing anymore. And not having something in return made her lose that energy to fight. She surrendered and she surrendered without anything to regret about.

It was a breakup made after a long process. What’s just painful, as per her perspective are the “what ifs” because one will never know unless he or she tried. But with their split, she just it has to end. It was accordingly just like making a car work without gasoline – no sense at all and exhausting.

Watch the insightful below:


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