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ANTONIO ABAD WORKS – A prominent Filipino poet, fictionist, playwright, and essayist is Antonio Abad and here are some of his works.

Antonio Abad y Mercado was a famous Filipino poet, fictionist, playwright, and essayist. He was born in Barili, Cebu, and went to the Colegio-Seminario de San Carlos there to study. He had three sons Gémino, Antonio Jr., and Edmundo with his wife Kampampangan teacher Jesusa Henson y Aquino.

Antonio Abad
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He was known as the “el gran novelista de la literatura Filipino hispana despues de Rizal”. Abad also became a professor at Far Eastern University and the University of the Philippines. He was among those who founded the Department of Spanish now European Languages. He taught Spanish.

Here are some of his famous novels:

  • El Último Romántico (1929)
  • La Oveja de Nathán (1929)
  • Dagohoy (1939
  • El Campeón (1939)
  • La Vida Secreta de Daniel Espeña (1960; one of the last Filipino novels written in Spanish)

His works El Último Romántico, La Oveja de Nathán with Flaviano Zaragoza won him Premio Zobel and Premio Concurso Literario de la Mancomunidad Filipina for novels Dagohoy and El Campeón. He was also a recipient of the Commonwealth Literary Awards. His works are part of the Golden Age of Fil-Hispanic Literature (1898-1941). 

In his career, he was the editor of La Revolution, El Precursor, El Espectador, The Cebu Advertiser, and El Debate. In 1926, he was proclaimed president of La Opinion. Gemino Abad, a poet and critic, is his son.

He had unfinished works and one of them is a multilingual dictionary of Spanish, English, Cebuano, Ilocano, and Kapampangan.


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