Marcos Jr. Picks National Museum of the Philippines as Venue of his Inauguration

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES – President-elect Bongbong Marcos has chosen the institution as the venue of his inauguration.

A few days ago, the joint session of the Senate and the House of Representatives proclaimed the elected president of the Philippines following the Elections 2022 held last May 9. Former Senator Bongbong Marcos Jr. led the presidential race with over 31 million votes.

The family of Marcos Jr. was present at the proclamation held at the House of Representatives. There were also several guests who witnessed the proclamation. He had a landslide win with over 16 million lead from his closest rival in the presidential race.

Then, there were questions regarding his inauguration but his camp said that they have yet to plan about it as they agreed to only start planning after the proclamation.

Bongbong Marcos
Photo Credit: The Manila Times

Recently, president-elect Bongbong Marcos’ camp announced that his inauguration will be held at the National Museum of the Philippines. It is planned to take place at the entrance of the institution and he will be seated in front of the Philippine national flag.

The National Museum of the Philippines released a statement as the inauguration of Marcos Jr. drawing near. According to the institution, it is deeply honored to have been chosen as the venue of his inauguration citing the history of the museum.

To give way for the preparation for the event, some areas of the institution will be closed. In a statement, the National Museum said that the Fine Arts museum will be temporarily closed from June 6 to July while the Anthropology and Natural History museums will continue their regular operations. Here’s the statement posted on Facebook:[0]=AZU9gpGx957Kh2nx8Cjv1jkpvAPHD5NUDdCUc1NZW1rXQEbfZUGLRBvkM3ry1ghyeftYMcJ4v2Gtru4tf5nesDnyBGOuMYmdPbC4Qng-cIKEE650zGAY1rlMYsq-UbtOT1omz_tKy4wgglEzNTNHE6kS6paUwOdnZIs0nDjBQqyN5mDlOP2ync-_RBCNhcOe0jU&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

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