Alex Gonzaga “Cheats”, This Is What Mikee Said If This Happens

This is what Mikee Morada said when asked what he’ll do if Alex Gonzaga cheats on their marriage.

ALEX GONZAGA – In a new vlog, Mikee Morada answered the questions about marriage and relationship with his wife Alex Gonzaga.

Last November 2020, Alex Gonzaga and her long-time boyfriend Mikee Morada got married at the Gonzaga home in Taytay, Rizal. It was just a simple marriage but very meaningful. It was witnessed by their families and closest friends. And now that they are married, what will Mikee do if his wife cheats?

Cheating is certainly a deal-breaker in every relationship. Not only it does break someone’s heart but it also breaks the trust. Every relationship requires trust. You cannot stay and expect it to last without trust. You cannot hope for a relationship to prosper and be successful without trust. Lack of trust means a lack of love.

But now that they are married, Mikee expressed that cheating is not something he sees that would separate them apart. It will take time before he can heal and accept it but eventually, he will forgive her. It will not be a factor for them to separate.

Before marriage, his mindset was different. To him, cheating is already enough reason to end a relationship but now that they’re married, it changed. What made him change his perspective about it is the commitment he vowed to her.

However, above everything, he knows well that his wife will never do such a thing.

Watch the video below:

Here are some comments:

Ang sincere lang ng mga sagot ni Mikee and while seeing Alex, a very proud and lucky Wife ang peg.

My mom would gonna love this!! Ang tagal Niyang hinintay yung comeback mo together with mikee❤️

This content will be my favorite episode of you Alex!

Kapag si kuya mikee na talaga yung sumasagot sa mga questions alam mong genuine yung answers nya

Yung wisdom ni Mikee goal talaga.


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