Leni Robredo Or Sara Duterte – What Happens If BBM Gets Disqualified?

Will it be Leni Robredo or Sara Duterte? Here’s an answer to this.

LENI ROBREDO – If BBM should be disqualified, who will be the one sitting as president? Will it be Leni Robredo or Sara Duterte? Here’s an answer to this.

A couple of days ago, a disqualification case against presumptive president Bongbong Marcos reached the Supreme Court. The petitioners were led by Martial Law survivor Bonifacio Ilagan. They were represented by their lawyer Howard Calleja in filing the Petition for Certiorari which seeks the Commission on Elections resolutions in reverse.

Bongbong Marcos Sara Duterte
Photo lifted from Manila Bulletin

In the petition, it stated that if the SC disqualifies BBM, “the candidate with the most number of valid votes” should be declared as the winner of the recently concluded Presidential Elections. As much as many are aware, tailing BBM in the list is Vice President Leni Robredo.

And yesterday, another petition reached the SC and the petition echoed what the first petition was seeking. The petition asked the SC to temporarily stop the Senate and House of Representatives with the canvassing of votes.

Now, what will happen if the presumptive president gets disqualified?

Leni Robredo and Sara Duterte

Atty. Pacifico Agabin, former dean of the University of the Philippines College of Law explained the situation. In a report from ABS-CBN, Robredo will be considered if the COC of BBM gets canceled. On the other hand, the presumptive Vice President Sara Duterte will replace his place if the combination of disqualification and violation of the internal revenue code petition, the second petition succeeds.

BBM was convicted of not paying his tax.

Meanwhile, the SC en banc will not be meeting until June 14 and the proclamation of Marcos and Duterte as winners for president and vice president, respectively, will be by the end of May.


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