Farmer Wearing Police Uniform Arrested for Carrying Deadly Weapon

Cops Arrest Farmer Wearing Police Uniform, Deadly Weapon Recovered From Suspect

PALAYAN CITY, NUEVA ECIJA – A 33-year-old farmer wearing a police uniform has been nabbed for carrying a deadly woman.

The police authorities have arrested a farmer in Palayan City, Nueva Ecija for wearing a police uniform. The cops have also recovered a deadly weapon from the farmer identified as alias “Rey”.

According to the Police Regional Office 3, the PNP personnel is holding a checkpoint at the area when they have found a man wearing a police uniform matching with shorts and slippers. They apprehended the latter and asked for identification cards.


Unfortunately, the latter failed to present IDs and admitted that he was just a farmer and not a police officer. The authorities arrested him and recovered a knife from the suspect.

Alias Rey will face multiple charges over Illegal Use of Police uniforms, possession of Deadly Weapons, and violation of Omnibus election code. PNP reminded the civilians that wearing police and army uniforms is strictly prohibited.

The ruling is based on Article 179 Revised Penal Code of the Philippines stating that any person who publicly and improperly makes use of insignia, uniforms, or dress pertaining to an office not held by such person or to class of persons of which he is not a member shall be penalized by arresto mayor.

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