Isko Moreno ‘Sa LGBT, iregalo ko si Joaquin’ Joke Elicits Various Reactions

Netizens have different reactions to this joke by Isko Moreno

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno made a joke about his son young actor Joaquin Domagoso and this received various reactions from netizens.

Mayor Isko has been highlighting the life where he came from before he achieved his success in show business until he became a public servant. He is proud that he has a simple life in Tondo and has known the predicament of the poor people and marginalized groups.

isko moreno joaquin domagoso
📷: The Philippine Star

This is maybe one of the reasons why his aspiration to be the Mayor of the capital city of the Philippines became a success also. Now, he is aspiring to be the highest government official in the country.

During a recent campaign rally, Mayor Isko Moreno joking said, “Sa ating mga LGBT, mamaya iregalo ko sa inyo si Joaquin, libre ang booking.” His son was with him on stage.

Twitter user @mcFury613, who is an obvious supporter of Vice President Leni Robredo, shared this video of the Manila Mayor. The netizen wrote a series of question marks in the caption following the joke by Mayor Isko.

In the comment section, various reactions were shared. There were those who said that it was an inappropriate joke while some said that based on Mayor Isko’s background, he knows that this is a common joke on the streets of Manila.

On the other hand, there were those who criticized him for his joke seemed to be a manifestation that he is looking down on the members of the LGBT community. Here are some of the comments from netizens to this joke of Mayor Isko Moreno, based on the article in Balita.

“Wow, bet! Amin na si Joaquin, lapain namin!”

“Really Isko?? Kahit koke ‘yan… be sensitive because literally offended ako bilang miyembro ng LGBTQIA+ community dahil ang labas ng biro parang deprived kasi sa lalaki which is not because I’m confident na mayroon kaming self-control and integrity sa aming mga desisyon.”

“I think biro lang naman ‘yan, huwag n’yo nang masyadong palakihin at dibdibin. Naghiyawan naman ang audience ‘di ba, saka hindi naman tinotoo. Even Joaquin ay naki-ride on na rin at mukhang hindi naman na-offend.

“It’s a crude joke but not surprising coming from him. As Mayor Isko Moreno said of himself, ‘batang kalye’, once in a while the crudity will surface, an honest assessment of himself. It’s cringe worthy.”

“Laking kalye si Yorme, ibig sabihin, alam niya ang kadalasang street jokes at hindi naman siguro nakaka-offend… hindi naman niya nilait ang LGBTQIA+ community. ‘Wag naman pong masyadong sensitive.”

What can you say about this?

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