Mautak in English – Translate “Mautak” in English

Counterpart of Mautak in English & Sample Sentences

MAUTAK IN ENGLISH – Are you looking for the English translation of the term “mautak”? Here’s its English counterpart.

Undeniably, a lot of people are doubtful when it comes to the translations of certain Tagalog words in English. In this article, we will review the meaning of the term “mautak”. We will also discover its counterpart in the English language.

Mautak in English

What is “mautak”?

Mautak is a Tagalog term that describes an intelligent or smart person. It can also be used as a description for an excellent decision, plan, or any course of action.

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 What is “mautak” in English?

After knowing about the exact meaning of the word, surely many of us want to know not only the English translation of the word mautak but also some examples of sentences using it.

Mautak in English = Brainy

Mga halimbawa ng mga pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang mautak:

1. Mautak si Andres kaya tiwala si Carmen na kayang-kaya niyang palaguin ang kanilang negosyo.

2. Alam ni Felix na ang pagiging mautak ni Dina ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit mabilis lumaki ang negosyo nila.

3. Isang mautak na pasya ang ginawa ni Don Carlos at puring-puri siya ng mga magsasaka.

4. Nagalit ka ba dahil alam nating mautak si Simeon pero mukhang hindi siya nag-iisip sa ginawa niya?

5. Pinaalalahanan mo ba si Jose na ang pagiging mabuti ay higit pa sa pagiging mautak?

Examples of sentences using the term brainy:

1. Ian is brainy but he is not the kind of student who loves oral recitations.

2. Do you think being brainy is all that is needed to win the competition?

3. The brainy move of Eleazar amid the intense pressure earned praises from the people.

4. Victorino knows that Joseph is quite hesitant to make friends with him because everyone thinks he is too brainy to be with.

5. Did you call the parents of your brainy student regarding the upcoming quiz bee?

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