Maris Racal Shows What’s Inside Her Ref, Announces Giveaway

Famous actress Maris Racal gives us a glimpse of what she puts inside her refrigerator.

MARIS RACAL – Here’s the fun and adorable vlog of famous actress Maris Racal as she gives us a glimpse of what’s inside her ref.

Very organized and neat is the personal refrigerator of Maris Racal. In her latest vlog, she entertained her viewers with a tour inside her refrigerator and showed the things she puts in there. She shared with her viewers her personal choices and some unique stories about some of her personal choices.

Maris Racal

On the first shelf, she filled with different types like coconut milk which she has just recently loved introduced to her by her boyfriend Rico Blanco, almond milk for her coffee, fresh milk for her shakes and juices, and others. She also has a bottle of cranberry juice and a carton of coconut water. She shared that she really loves drinking coconut milk.

She also has cheeses on the following shelves, eggs, and her salad dressings. She also happily shared that she finally achieved what she’s in Tiktok. She bought organizers. The transparent organizers helped her make the insides of her ref appear neat. She has apples, oranges, and other varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Maris Racal

The transparent organizers also help her to see what she would need to buy soon in the grocery. She also has a huge organizer filled with protein bars and chocolates.

Many people in the comment section commend her vlogging skills. She is very charming and this is exactly what captured them to watch her. Towards the end of her vlog, she announced that she will be giving away for the first time.

Watch her full vlog below:


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