Karla Estrada Despite Being a UniTeam Supporter Defends Leni Robredo

When it comes to what is right, there is no political color for Karla Estrada

Actress-host Karla Estrada, a known supporter of Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte’s UniTeam, defended Vice President Leni Robredo against a rude joke.

Karla is currently running for representative under the Tingog Party List, a group that is supporting the BBM-Sara tandem. The Queen Mother has been joining the campaign rallies of the UniTeam in different provinces in the Philippines.

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Having different political views was never an issue for Karla. The actress-host said in a previous statement that each member of her family has the right to choose whoever they want to support and vote for this coming May 9 election.

Her son, actor Daniel Padilla, has shown that he is supporting the presidential candidacy of VP Leni Robredo, the opponent of the candidate who Karla Estrada is supporting.

leni robredo
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Despite being a vocal UniTeam supporter, the actress-host still chose to be compassionate, especially towards her fellow woman. Karla shared a screenshot of a message featuring a rude joke about VP Leni. The photo of the Vice President was even edited to make her look funny.

This did not sit well with Karla even though they are not from the same camp. “No to Bastusan please! Walang katuturan ang Ginagawa nyo! Hindi makatao! Nakaksulasok! Hindi ka makakatulong sa kandidato mo pag ganyan na Pambabastos na pammamaraan!” the Queen Mother stressed.

karla estrada post

Several netizens expressed that they agree with what Karla has said. A netizen said that respect must be given to Robredo as the current Vice President of the Philippines. There were also those who stressed that even though they are not supporters of VP Leni, still she should be respected as a woman. Here are some of the comments on the post of Karla Estrada.

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