Jessy Mendiola “Shocked” Over This Photo She Found In Zeinab’s Phone

Zeinab Harake has this photo on her phone and this is how Jessy Mendiola reacted after seeing it.

JESSY MENDIOLA – Celebrity vlogger Jessy Mendiola features Zeinb Harake in her latest vlog and this is what she has found in her phone.

Among the biggest and most successful local content creators is Zeinab Harake. She was just initially known as the girlfriend of Skusta Klee but through vlogging, she was able to build a name on her own. She and Skusta are now parents. Bia is their daughter, their firstborn.

Meanwhile, considered a newbie in the industry is actress Jessy Mendiola. Her channel now has nearly a million when it comes to subscribers. And in her newest video, she had Zeinab in her channel appear as her guest. Apart from being vloggers, their common denominator is that they are both half-Lebanese.

She calls her her “Filipina-Lebanese Sister”. And in the video, they did the “Show Me Your Phone Challenge” and this is the first time that they do it. In the challenge, they exchanged phones and behind the camera is a person who gives them orders on what to do with each other’s mobile.

In the first dare, they were asked to show the first photo in their gallery and what Jessy has discovered in Zeinab’s phone is a photo of their house. The funny discovery made her shocked and laugh at the same time.

Laughing, Zeinab explained to Jessy who was also laughing at it, “Hindi kasi pinicturan ko kanina sinend ko sa iMessage, ‘nandito na po ako sa labas’.”

Luis Manzano examined the photo and jokingly quipped, “Yun ba raket mo Zeinab kaya pala nakaluwag-luwag ka. Bukod sa pag-vlog, medjo akyat-bahay ka?”

Watch the video below:


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