Young Man Travel All The Way From Pasay To Bulacan to Meet Chatmate Who Turned Out to be a Poser

A young man travelled all the way from Pasay to Bulacan just to meet his chat mate but discovered that she was a poser.

A Facebook user named Ryan Reyes Pilar has shared the photos of a young man who travelled couple of kilometers just to meet his chat mate but she turned out to be a poser. The post garnered various reactions from the netizens.

Pilar has shared the photos of a young guy who has been victimized of love scam online. The victim travelled all the way from Pasay to Bulacan to meet his chat mate but the girl did not show up.

Young Man

Ryan said that they have checked the guy’s chat mate and noticed that she was a poser based on her social media account. The guy met the girl online and it was their first time to meet in person.

The concerned netizen sought help online to rescue the young guy who visited Santa Peregrina Pulilan in Bulacan to meet his female chat mate but ended up being a victim of scam. The guy’s money is not enough to pay the fare to return in Pasay.

Here is the full post:

“May na scam nanaman po. From Pasay nag byahe po siya dito sa Bulacan makita lang yung babae na ka meet up niya. Kaya lang ng makita namin po yung ka chat niya parang Poser lang. Sa mga nakakakilala po sa kanya pa pm po ako asap.

Young Man

Nandito po siya nagyon sa santa Peregrina Pulilan bulacan kulang napa pamasahi niya para makauwi. Sa nakakakilala po pm nalang po sakin or sa lalaki na scam.

Eventually, Pilar and his colleagues received help from several individuals and a Joyride rider gives him a ride to go back to his home.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Young Man

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