Julia Barretto Reveals Something About Her Not Finishing College

Taking a gap year in education is not something Julia Barretto would accordingly advise students.

JULIA BARRETTO – Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto takes a gap year after high school thinking she’d return for college but it did not happen.

Education is something that will put someone on a pedestal. By being educated, you get to improve your knowledge and skills, and also develop your personality and attitude for the better. Also, one’s education will affect the chances of his or her employment. Nowadays and in reality, those who have attained high education will likely land a good job.


And as for actress Julia Barretto, just like many of us, she sees education just as important. With her profession as an actress, a job that does not require an educational degree, she regretted the chance she didn’t take. She finished high school but she was not able to go through college.

When she entered show business, her acting skills took her to many places and grabbed most of her time that she did not have any chance anymore to enroll in a college institution. She became in demand, accepting projects left and right, endorsements here and everywhere, and many other factors have made her forget to pursue her tertiary education.


Back then, when she decided to take a gap year, she was thinking to return shortly at the back of her mind. She said, “Sa pag-aaral, don’t take a gap year because it’s going to be a gap forever. After I finished high school, I thought I was just gonna take a gap year before doing college but you know up until now that’s still something that I wish to do.” 

She believes education is a valuable thing and not everyone is given the opportunity to have it. And for students, her advice for them is not to have a gap year and enjoy the opportunity that was to them based on a report from ABS-CBN.


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