Angeline Quinto Shares Experience With A “Cheating Partner”

Vice Ganda interviews Angeline Quinto and the singer opened up about this part of her life.

ANGELINE QUINTO – In the second part of the vlog, Angeline Quinto shares her past about this former partner who cheated on her.

For part one of Vice Ganda and Angeline Quinto’s “Chikahang Misis”, the Kapamilya singer opened up about her current relationship. To recall, it was just last month when she finally shared the face of her partner, the father of her baby boy. Accordingly, the man wanted privacy and she is respecting him by giving that.

While being pregnant, he was the most patient to her. She shared that there was never a time he violently reacted whenever she throws a fit. The singer also shared that they started living together when they found out that they are having a baby. She also opened up about wanting to be wed one day.

And in the second part of the “chikahan”, the conversation started when Angeline narrated about that one time when her partner went out for an overnight with some of his friends. She allowed him to go to that get-together but admitted that deep inside her, she was actually expecting something from him.

She was silently hoping he will not go and just stay with her instead because she was pregnant but it did not happen. She was also hoping for him to invite her over. But with these thoughts running in her head, she was just thinking of not being too tight on him at the back of it. She doesn’t want him to think that she’s being controlling or anything. Angeline believes in individuality despite having a partner already.

Her fear just only came from past trauma. According to her narrative, she had this one partner before with whom she was never strict. She gave him the freedom he wants but as it turns out, he only cheated on her.

Watch the full interview below:


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