Bongbong Marcos Changes Tone on Ukraine-Russia Tension

Former Sen. Bongbong Marcos Speaks on Ukraine-Russia Tension Anew

BONGBONG MARCOS – The Partido Federal ng Pilipinas changed his tone on the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine.

Currently, countries across the globe are monitoring the ongoing tension between Ukraine and Russia. Several lives were lost in the tension that led to a war between the two (2) countries. Some nations already made a stand over the issue.

The Philippines is one of the countries that condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The country expressed its support on a resolution at the UN General Assembly calling Russia, led by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, to withdraw its troops in Ukraine. Several other nations are on the same call.

Some known personalities in the Philippines were previously asked about their stand regarding the tension between Russia and Ukraine. One of those asked is presidential candidate and former Sen. Bongbong Marcos.

Bongbong Marcos
Photo Credit: CNN

Previously, the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas standard-bearer claimed that PH does not need to make a stand regarding the tension as the country is not involved in it. According to him, the concern is on the nationals in Ukraine.

Recently, former Sen. Bongbong Marcos spoke on the Russia-Ukraine tension anew and he seemingly changed his tone on the issue. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the presidential candidate is calling for a peaceful resolution while expressing support on being “united with the rest of the world for Russia to respect Ukraine’s freedom and its citizens’ democratic way of life”.

Marcos Jr. also expressed his hope that there will be no more targeting of the civilian communities and civilian establishments. He also expressed his support for the “unconditional observance of human rights”.

A lot of refugees flee from Ukraine amid the attack of Russia in the country. Some overseas Filipino workers (OFW) in the war-torn country were already repatriated but there are also those who reportedly refused to go home.

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