Queen Elizabeth II Confirmed Positive for COVID-19

At Windsor Castle, COVID-19 Infects Queen Elizabeth II Despite “HMS Bubble”

QUEEN ELIZABETH II – The current monarch of the United Kingdom tested positive for COVID-19 at Windsor Castle.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting countries across the globe for more than two (2) years now. It caused the deaths of millions of people in the world and several healthcare systems were shut down by the pandemic.

Most countries are implementing restrictions until now while the threats of the virus are still present. Daily, there are still new cases. Most nations now are in the process of vaccinating their citizens to achieve herd immunity or population protection against the virus.

Amid the pandemic, the securities of most national leaders were doubled. There are also changes with regards to their appearances to the public.

Queen Elizabeth II
Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, United Kingdom’s current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, retreated with her late husband. Prince Philip, at the Windsor Castle. Based on a report on News, a bubble of the closest and the most trusted aides of the Queen was formed to protect her.

During her husband’s funeral, she was alone sitting as part of the protection for her. However, according to the report, Queen Elizabeth II recently tested positive for COVID-19. It came a few days after her son and her son, Prince Charles, was confirmed positive for coronavirus.

There are speculations that an outbreak of COVID-19 is taking place at Windsor Castle. It is not clear how the Queen got infected by the virus but she had a meeting with Prince Charles who was confirmed positive for COVID-19 on February 10.

BBC royal commentator Jonny Dymond said that Windsor Castle strictly implements the guidelines of the government and keeps the Queen away from the public while the pandemic is ongoing. Most of her engagements were through video calls and she was not spotted doing public engagements.

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