Frankie Pangilinan Explains ‘Putongama Ko’ Retweet of Kiko Pangilinan’s Post

Frankie Pangilinan retweeted the post of her father with this witty caption

Celebrity Frankie Pangilinan, the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and vice-presidential aspirant Kiko Pangilinan, retweeted a post of her father that caught the attention of the online community.

Frankie is more into music than acting but definitely, she is an active member of the social media world. She is known for sharing her thoughts about certain issues and many netizens are admiring her posts online.

frankie pangilinan
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Just recently, Frankie shared the post of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan. The popular politician had a selfie with a big plate of “puto” or Pinoy rice cake behind him. In the caption of his post, the Senator wrote, “Maraming salamat sa Calasiao Youth for Leni-Kiko sa kilalang kilala na puto Calasiao na kulay pink at green! Naimas!Balbaleg ya salamat! Ito ang tunay na ‘puto bomber.’”

Frankie Pangilinan retweeted this post of her father and she wrote, “putongama ko.” Many netizens were amused by what she posted. Then, in her next tweets, she addressed those who are “bothered” by her caption on her father’s photo with the “puto”.

frankie pangilinan post

She said that her humor is her way of dealing with all the noise brought by the campaign period. “If ur bothered by my humor pls just ignore me ! campaigning is extremely painful and i wish i could explain the kind of toll it takes on mental health,,, coping mechanism ko lang ‘to char,” Frankie said.

She also said that people who are bothered by her tweet should just continue scrolling. Frankie Pangilinan stressed that her Twitter posts do not really mean that they are an accurate representation of her whole self. “ty for being here i love u deeply and i hope ur having a great Sunday,” she added.

What can you say about this?

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