Despite and In Spite Of – Difference and Correct Use Of “Despite” & “In Spite Of”

The difference and proper use of “Despite” & “In Spite Of”. Check it out below!

DESPITE AND IN SPITE OF – Here’s the proper and correct use of these two prepositional expressions and some sample sentences.

Two of the words with confusing grammar usage in the English vocabulary are “In Spite Of” along with the word “Despite”. These two words are prepositional expressions and both indicate the contrast between two things. People actually use these words more in writing than compared to speaking. And actually, with these two having the same definition, they can be used interchangeably safely in a sentence.

“Despite” is placed in front of a noun or pronoun and “In spite of” must function as a conjunction or a linking word. Also, these two words should not be used in a sentence where the that-clause is following. It should be in spite of the fact that or despite the fact that.

Here are some sentences with “DESPITE”:

  1. The company is doing extremely well despite the pandemic and effects of lockdown.
  2. He’s still poor despite years of hard work.
  3. I find it difficult to speak in English despite all my years of study.
  4. Despite not having an umbrella, he walked me home in the rain.
  5. I failed in Mathematics despite the fact that I’ve studied all week.

Here are some sentences with “IN SPITE OF”:

  1. I love him in spite of his flaws and faults.
  2. The party went on in spite of the host’s absence.
  3. The gadget will certainly sell in spite of the fact that it’s overpriced.
  4. His family helped me in spite of struggles and difficulties they’re going through.
  5. I’m still no good in the kitchen in spite of months I spent in a culinary school.


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