Although and Even Though – Correct Use Of “Although” & “Even Though”

The correct usage of Although and Even Though and some sample sentences.

ALTHOUGH AND EVEN THOUGH – Here are some tips on how to correctly use “Although” and “Even Though” in a sentence.

Some English terms and words are really just confusing. The similarities are not that very distinct at the surface but with a deeper understanding, one can surely use them properly. And as such, among the most confusing words include “Even Though” and “Although”.

These two words are conjunctions or linking words that have similar meanings and similar usage in grammatical contexts. And in most cases, these two linking words can be used interchangeably.

Here are the structures:

  • although + a clause
  • even though + a clause

The conjunction “Although” is used to indicate contrast and has the same meaning with “in spite of,” “even though”, and “though” where a clause always follows.

Here are some sample sentences with “ALTHOUGH”:

  1. He lives in a humble place although he is a millionaire.
  2. Although it rained hard, I still enjoyed our movie night.
  3. I loved the view of the mountains although it was cloudy when we got there.
  4. She still wants to eat although she already had a big breakfast.
  5. Ben didn’t pass the exam again although he has studied hard the past months.

“Even though” is used just like how “although” is in a sentence. The slight difference is just “even though” is used to indicate a stronger contrast and it is written in two words.

Here are some sample sentences with “EVEN THOUGH”:

  1. The plan to surprise mother still went on even though father was not there.
  2. She’s never heard in this building even though she lives just nearby.
  3. Even though he was gifted with a luxury car, he still used the old one.
  4. Shary is still not happy even though she already has everything.
  5. I don’t have savings even though I earn money evey month.


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