Jodi Sta Maria In Intense “No Dialogue, Just Pain” Scene Wows Viewers

She nailed it! Jodi Sta Maria wows people in very intense scene in “The Broken Marriage Vow”.

JODI STA MARIA – Dr. Jill Ilustre is Jodi Sta Maria in The Broken Marriage Vow and she pulled off this no-liner, just emotions scene in the new episode.

The worst betrayal indeed comes from those people who you thought were solid for you. And this is precisely the reason why the first episode of South Korea’s record-breaking series The World of a Married Couple became an instant hit. Episode 1 tackled how the legal wife found out about the cheating of her husband and how their close friends apparently, supported her cheating husband cheat behind her back. They knew all along.

Jodi Sta Maria

And in the Philippine adaptation where the legal wife’s role was played by drama actress Jodi Sta Maria, the Kapamilya actress absolutely pulled off and put the right emotions needed in a no-liner scene. In the recent episode, Dr. Jill Ilustre officially confirmed that her suspicions were right. She discovered her husband’s cheating and found out that he was cheating with a younger woman, a daughter of a powerful person.

In the said scene, no words were needed to show how angry, devastated, and mad Dr. Jill was. The shaking, the anguish in the eyes, and the unstoppable tears just flowing right through were excellently done. The reality of how anyone would feel dumbfounded after knowing that people around you fooled you so well.

Watch below:

On Twitter, Jodi’s acting skill was flooded with praises, and here are some comments:

Jodi is slaying the role of Dr. Jill

nangungusap ang mata mo.. ramdam ko yung sakit at gigil mo sa pamamagitan lang ng eye akting mo.

Can’t wait for Dra. Jill’s savage revenge!

Dr. Jill proves to us that not all women are weak and powerless.

the set, the outfits, the cinematography and the acting


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