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What is speech context meaning and its different types.

SPEECH CONTEXT MEANING – Defining speech context and determining the different types of speech context with examples.

Communication does not only happens between two people. It can be between a person and a group or two groups of people exchanging ideas and thoughts. And speech context is about where the communication happens and how is the message relayed in the whole communication process.

Speech Context Meaning

Here are the types of speech context:

  1. Intrapersonal
    The communication that happens within oneself. This appears that the source and the receiver of the message is the speaker himself. Often times, this is done when a person does self-reflection and analyzing his own feelings and thoughts. This is also one way in assessing yourself.

    Example: When choosing what course in college you would want to take. Before coming up with a decision, you’d have to assess your interests, talents, strengths, and weaknesses.
  2. Interpersonal
    The communication happens between two or more persons. Depending on the relationship of these people, the communication can be formal, casual, informal, or intimate.

    2 types of interpersonal communication:
    – dyad communication that happens between two people.
    Example: You and your doctor during consultation.
    – small group where three or more people are involved but not over 12.
    Example: You and your groupmates in research sharing ideas.
  3. Public Communication
    This happens when a person delivers a message or talks in front of bigger number of people or listeners.

    Example: A politician presenting his platforms in a grand rally.
  4. Mass Communication
    This happens when television, social media, newspaper, magazines, and the likes were used as channels to relay the message.

    Example: A weatherman discussing the path of the strong typhoon in television.


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