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Sample essay of Who Am I As Person. Check it out below!

WHO AM I AS PERSON – An essay of “Who Am I As A Person” and the insightful realizations of how everything boiled down to what you are now.

Essay is a form of writing where the writer can freely present an idea, propose an argument, express the emotion, or initiate debate.

It has three parts:

  • Introduction –
  • Body –
  • Conclusion –

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Who am I?

I often ask this question to myself and the same question I also ask other people as a way to evaluate “me” as a person to myself and to the people around me.

As a 25-year-old person, I can say that I’ve gone through pretty much a lot of struggles in my life. I have encountered problems such as getting “F” in school, not having enough budget for stuff I want, the tough phase on what course to take in college, filtering friends, cheating boyfriends, waiting for the right one, bills due date, what career to take, torn about being passionate and practical, and many other mind-boggling things that would sometimes give you the anxiety.

I was once that kid who always struggle about getting fit into the group of cool kids in school, the teenager who was backstabbed by the people who I thought were my friends, the daughter who used to say “I hate my parents” because I wasn’t allowed to go to that party, and that 20-year-old young adult who always asked God “why is my life this way?” I have been through a handful of phases and seasons in my life. Some broke me while some built me.

But my take away from the breakdowns and the silent battles are the learnings that molded me and strengthened me as a person. And to answer the question “Who Am I”, I believe I am a person whose experiences have made me stronger and whose strength will overcome more in the future.


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