What is Brain Freeze? – Causes and How to Ease this Sensation

Check this out! Here’s how you can ease brain freeze

BRAIN FREEZE – Here’s the definition, causes, and ways how to ease this feeling or sensation.

brain freeze

Imagine yourself enjoying a bowl or cone of ice cream.

Then all of sudden, a bolt of intense pain hit you particularly your forehead, behind your eyes and nose.

This sensation is actually called brain freeze.

Brain freeze or ice cream headache is technically known as cold-stimulus headache.

It is a form of brief pain or headache commonly associated with the consumption of cold beverages or foods such as ice cream.

This sensation is caused by having something cold touch the roof of the mouth and is believed to result from a nerve response causing rapid constriction and swelling of blood vessels.

Apparently, it is also possible to suffer from this sensation in both hot and cold weather. The effect relies upon the temperature of the food being consumed rather than that of the environment.

This sensation usually lasts less than five minutes.

In order to ease this sensation, one should act as fast as he/she can.

If possible, spit the cold food or drink from your mouth. Then, press your tongue or your thumb against the roof of your mouth

But did you know that cats and other animals also experience brain freeze?

Well, if you’re curious enough, don’t try this with your felines or they will end up scratching you.

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