Janella Salvador Weight Loss Procedure, Vicki Belo Reveals

Vicki Belo reveals what Janella Salvador did to lose weight in a short amount of time.

JANELLA SALVADOR – Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador did this and here is a revelation from Dra. Vicki Belo who revealed the procedure.

In being a celebrity, their “puhunan” to stay on that status is indeed their appearance. How they look in the camera makes a great deal apart from their talent. They have to look pleasing, healthy, and slim because how they look is what initially catches the attention of people.


And for new mothers like Janella Salvador, pregnancy has surely done something that made her gain weight. After giving birth to Jude, her body is not as how it looked before getting pregnant. And as much as many of us are aware, it’s so difficult to lose pregnancy weight.

But technology has made a great part to improve and make our lives easier. Without the exercise, Janella lost her pregnancy weight in no time and this is thanks to the procedure done by Belo Beauty to her. In a recent IG post of Dra. Vicki Belo, she shared that six months after giving birth, Janella went to them and ask for their help to make her lose her excesses fats and weight.


And Dra. Vicki’s video said she underwent the “360° Liposuction” procedure. This is their signature method of unwanted fat removal and this is done in a circumferential manner. According to their website, this method is not just limited to one area. Accordingly, it “uses laser heat to dissolve or liquefy fat, making it easier to suction out and resulting in less bruising.”

The beauty doctor said in the video, “Janella Salvador came to Belo six months after giving birth to Jude for help to get her body ready for work. We did 360-degree liposuction on her arms, wings, back, and abdomen.”

She added that they did Skin Genius to tighten her skin and shrink the loose ones on her back and arms. The 360° Liposuction starts at around Php 112,000.00 while the price of Skin Genius starts at Php 80,000.00 per session.



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