Cop Chooses to Forgive Raging Woman Who Slapped Him at Mall

The police office in viral video choose to forgive the raging woman who slapped him at the mall’s entrance.

Last week, the video footage of a raging woman who slapped a policeman outside a mall. The woman expressed her fury and assaulted the police officer for an unidentified reason at the front of a mall’s entrance.

The lady’s colleague tried to stop her but the furious woman ended up scolding him for doing it. The female customer slapped the cop in uniform without any hesitation and repeatedly attacked him for several times.

Police Officer

Luckily, the policeman shows maximum tolerance and remained calm despite the tension. The cop did not let his emotion drive him out and still able to manage the situation after the lady went out of control.

The Facebook page “PCADG Cagayan Valley” has shared the statement of Santiago City Police office Traffic Enforcement unit Pat. John Paul Sudario after he was slapped by a furious lady during a confrontation.

Sudario narrated that several mall employees reported the woman for harassing the staff inside of a cellphone shop inside the mall. The mall guards calmly talked to the female customer and convinced her to leave the store.

Unfortunately, the lady refused and returned to the shop. The police officers arrived and apprehended the woman. The cops just wanted to retain the peace and order inside the establishment.

After the incident, the viral lady’s sibling apologized for the incident. It turned out that the woman has a mental disorder and suffering from extreme depression.

Police Officer

“Kung kaya minabuti ko na rin po na hindi magsampa ng kaso, dahil nakausap ko rin po ang kanyang magulang at nakita ko ang kanilang sitwasyon naawa rin po ako,” Sudario said.

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