Here’s an intriguing post of Maxene Magalona amid separation rumors from her husband.

MAXENE MAGALONA – After three years of being married, separation rumors arise and Maxene Magalona has this intriguing post on IG.

In a traditional and modern aesthetic white wedding in Boracay, Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil tied the knot. This happened last 2018 in Boracay. The whole ceremony has breathtaking details and all the endearing moments during this enchanting celebration of love were recorded.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, they got stranded in Bali, Indonesia for more than a year due to international border closures. And just last March, Maxene finally returned to the country but without her husband because he is yet to complete his yoga-related activities. Accordingly, he had to be left behind because Maxene has to come back to Manila already for commitments. 

However, eagle-eyed noticed something that has changed with the actress. According to their observations, she dropped her husband’s surname from her name on her official social media page. Thus, separation rumors sparked. She also had this intriguing post about her solo trip to Boracay because she doesn’t feel anything good despite the jolly holidays.

Though there is still no confirmation from them, Maxene spoke about her “sad soul” and having that Boracay trip all by herself as the best that she thought she could do for it. She expressed, “I knew I wasn’t feeling my best during the holidays so instead of sulking at home, I thought — why not cry in Boracay and allow the ocean to absorb my tears?”

In her post, she did not open up about why she is feeling sad but appealed to those who are asking and doubting her “peace” despite facing personal struggles. They told them not to ask her why and instead turn to pray to God “to bless you with the same kind of inner peace that He has been giving me ever since I surrendered myself to His divine plan.”


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