Andi Eigenmann Reaction Over Stealing Accusations Versus Philmar

Philmar Alipayo stealing the donations? Andi Eigenmann has reacted to this.

ANDI EIGENMANN – Celebrity vlogger Andi Eigenmann slams comments accusing her future husband Philmar Alipayo of stealing donations.

Among the famous celebrities vocal about asking for help and prayers for the recovery and rehabilitation of Odette-stricken areas is Andi Eigenmann. She’s just as devastated as the destructed areas because her island home, the Siargao, was among the islands in the country badly beaten by the strong typhoon. She is working hand in hand with her future husband Philmar Alipayo.

In a previous article, shared her Youtube earnings will be used to rebuild Siargao. Having their home on the island, it did not dodge the destructive winds of Super Typhoon Odette. It destroyed their home and dug out a part of their house’s roof. Accordingly, many people suffered from losing their homes and they are greatly in need of food, water, and other necessities.

Despite their good intention and plans, Andi, on her part, was sad because some people were still able to accuse Philmar of stealing the donations. The professional surfer has returned to the island following the devastating typhoon to help the people there and check their families.

With him, as he returned, are boxes of food and other donations which are meant to be given out to the people there. She was just sad over the accusations against her future husband who has nothing but good intentions. She indicated, “It is very sad to know that he is being accused of stealing donations when he even specifically ignored his chance to use his platform to ask for them since he’s more than willing to use his own money just to help our community out.”

Andi also expressed her pain whenever people doubted her partner’s financial capacity. Some people just accordingly won’t believe that he has his own money. He accordingly works hard to earn. And for a simple man like him, he doesn’t need much just as long as his kids have a good life. And such simplicity is the reason why it’s not hard for him to share what he has with his home.

And even before leaving, he assured her that he will be fine as he is used to having nothing.


Andi Eigenmann
Photo grabbed on IG
Andi Eigenmann
Photo grabbed on IG


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