Habal-Habal Passenger Suffers Injuries After Driver w/ No License Crashed

Photos of Habal-Habal Passenger Who Suffered Injuries After Unlicensed Driver Crashed

A habal-habal passenger suffers serious injuries after the driver with no driving license got into a road accident.

The Facebook page “Gadget Addict” has shared the photos of a female passenger who suffered a serious injury after the unlicensed habal-habal rider crashed. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the post, it can be seen that the female passenger is lying on the ground after the habal-habal motorcycle he rented got into a road accident. The woman suffered a hip injury and could not barely move.

Habal-Habal Passenger

According to MMDA traffic Czar Edison Bong Nebrija, the habal rider has no driver’s license and there is no insurance that he would shoulder the medical expenses of his passenger because habal-habal is illegal.

The authorities recommend legal ride-hailing service such as Angkas or Joyride. Those riders have the necessary documents and proper training. They are considered as competent riders.

Nebrija said that it was good thing because the incident happened on EDSA because if not the rider might have just ran away and escape. MMDA is prohibiting habal-habal for safety purposes.

Habal-Habal Passenger

Here is the full post:

Injured passenger of a habal-habal on EDSA.

According to the post, the driver doesn’t have a license and of course there won’t be any insurance because habal-habal is illegal.

If you want to ride a motorcycle taxi, I’d recommend using a legal service like Angkas or Joyride.

They have have to prove their license and background (NBI) before they can apply. And they have to pass a riding test to prove they’re a competent rider.

And aside from the additional training given to legal motorcycle taxis, they also have insurance for their passenger.

Do you think the driver of this habal-habal will pay for this woman’s injuries? Apparently she has a hip injury!

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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