In-Person Classes To Resume Next Year In Rural Areas, Says Gatchalian

Senator Gatchalian Says In-Person Classes In Rural Areas Expected To Resume Next Year

IN-PERSON CLASSES – Face-to-face classes in rural areas of the Philippines are set to resume next.

During an interview, chairman of the Senate Committee on basic education, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian said:

In the rural areas my own analysis (is) we can already proceed with limited face to face classes as early as January

In-Person Classes To Resume Next Year In Rural Areas, Says Gatchalian
Image from: Manila Bulletin

Currently, some rural areas in the Philippines are expected to get zero COVID-19 cases. However, Gatchalian notes that it may become a different case when it comes to urban areas.

As of now, limited in-person classes run for about 3 hours. But, based on an evaluation, teachers unanimously agreed that 3 hours isn’t enough time to maximize learning.

Meanwhile, in rural areas, Gatchalian said schools could go for longer than 3 hours if the classrooms are holding half capacity. Still, students and teachers need to wear masks when going to in-person classes.

Additionally, Assistant Secretary Malcolm Garma stated that the Department of Education (DepEd) was “optimistic” that face-to-face classes could be expanded come January.

That is when we are going to consider the other grade levels—not anymore on the pilot, but really the face to face classes, the limited face-to-face classes . Under the expansion phase we are open to that, but not anymore sa pilot. Tapusin na natin kasi sandali na lang ito,

Along with this, Gatchalian said that the government would provide free testing to teachers regularly to improve the confidence of students, parents, and teachers alike.

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