Chito Miranda Shares Story Behind Parokya Ni Edgar’s New Album Title ‘Borbolen’

Chito Miranda shared the story behind the title of PNE’s new album

Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda announced that the band is set to release a new album and he shared the story behind the title Borbolen.

The band has been considered as one of the iconic musicians in the 90s. Fortunately, they are still playing music together. Amid the pandemic, they were even able to do an album.

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In his December 8 Instagram post, Chito announced that their fans can listen to their new songs soon. He shared that some of the songs that are included in the Borbolen album were written right after they did the Pogi Years Old album five years ago while some of the songs were written during the pandemic.

“Nirecord namin during the pandemic and was recorded and mixed via email and Google Drive…kumbaga pasahan lang ng files,” he enthused. Then, Chito Miranda shared that one of the songs was supposed to be included in the Bigotilyo album but they weren’t allowed back then and now, they are releasing the said song.

“Sari-saring kanta, at iba’t-ibang panahon nabuo…pero lahat bago hehe!” he said. The PNE frontman also said that the songs will be available on digital platforms but based on his replies to fans, the physical album will be able by January next year.

Following this announcement, Chito Miranda explained why the title of their new album is “Borbolen”. On his Facebook account, he asked the netizens to give a term that will best describe a group of friends, “tropa o barkada”, who are troublemakers or naughty but are actually good people. Then, he included an article about them in which it was stated that one of them put a burger on the chair where their former manager sat.

A netizen mentioned the Kapampangan word “borbolen” and gave a description and so this became the title of the new album of Parokya Ni Edgar.

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