Cathy Garcia Molina Is Only Successful If This Happens To Her

This is why Direk Cathy Garcia Molina cannot call herself successful yet.

CATHY GARCIA MOLINA – Multi-awarded director Direk Cathy Garcia Molina shares why she is not considering herself successful for now.

You Are The One, One More Chance, A Very Special Love, My Amnesia Girl, It Takes A Man And A Woman, Four Sisters And A Wedding, She’s Dating The Gangster, A Second Chance, My Ex and Whys, and My Perfect You are just some of the blockbuster hit films in the country. And all these films, including the two of highest-grossing in Philippine cinema history, “Hello, Love, Goodbye” and “The Hows Of Us”, were all directed by Direk Cathy Garcia Molina.

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Direk Cathy Garcia Molina
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Direk Cathy is indeed one of the best directors in the country, however, despite all of these successes and victories as a filmmaker, she doesn’t consider herself successful yet. Just not yet because she is yet to achieve something as a mother, the biggest and most important role that she is bound to do.

In Toni Talks, she opened up about being a mother and her struggles juggling her work and being a single parent. Having blockbuster films wasn’t too significant for her. The earnings of her films were never a big deal for her because what she takes pride in her masterpieces is the number of people who got touched and elated by them. She’s making films to touch hearts and this is one of the reasons why she stayed long in the entertainment industry.

Direk Cathy Garcia Molina
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And she cannot call herself successful for now because she is yet to achieve one thing – raising her children to become good and kind persons. This is her ultimate goal and will be her ultimate success. She said, “Ang success talaga na yet to be achieved ko ay mga anak ko. I will never call myself successful until makita ko na nakapagpalaki ako ng matitinong bata. Which was my greatest fear simula nang nanganak ako 14 years ago.”

She is yet to find out if she did a good job as a mother and she will not call herself successful until such time. Direk Cathy added, “Sabi ko talaga, anong klaseng tao ang palalakihin ko? Anong klaseng mamamayan ang dadalahin ko dito sa mundo? Mabubuti ba silang bata? Magiging ehemplo ba sila sa ibang bata? Up to know, I have yet to find out if I did a good job. Until such time, hindi pa ako successful.”

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