Leni Robredo Reveals Criticism That ‘Pinaka-hurtful’ For Her

Leni Robredo admits that this criticism is hurtful for her

Vice President Leni Robredo revealed that she can bear other criticisms being thrown at her but this particular really hurts her the most.

In the world of politics, criticisms from one politician to the other are just among the normal scenarios. It is also a given fact that supporters of a certain politician will bash the opponent and the cycle goes on and on.

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📷: Sharon Cuneta’s YouTube channel

With the advent of social media, criticisms were made digital. It is easy to air whatever opinion anyone has and just post it online. The Vice President is not exempted from this.

It is known to many that the detractors of Leni Robredo are posting different kinds of criticisms online and she is aware of it. In a recent interview on Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s YouTube channel, Robredo said that the most common bashing she would receive is the “bobo”.

She pointed out that the bashers would splice her video clips and post them online to make her appear simpleton. However, she said that she can let these kinds of criticisms past. On the other hand, there is one form of bashing that would really make her speak and this is the allegation that she has not done anything.

“Sa akin, yun yung pinaka-hurtful na criticism na ‘walang ginawa’ kasi hindi lang ako yun eh, yung ‘bobo’, ako lang yun eh, yung walang ginawa parang, di ba, insult siya sa lahat, sa buong office,” the Vice President said.

She added that she is taking this criticism personally and she is defending herself and her camp. VP Leni Robredo explained that their charitable endeavors are being funded by the private sector and in order to show “resibo” that this has reached the recipients, they would post photos on their official page.

However, Robredo pointed out that since Facebook works on algorithms, not many netizens would see or know about what her office has done.

What can you say about this?

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  1. Sad to hear of criticisms thrown to her
    that even if I don’t even personally know you, I stand for you,for proof of your character I refer them to google.
    They r good n intelligent people, but they believed faked news.l lost friends but I cant let an innocent person be demolished without them knowing the truth..


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