Young Man Stabbed Older Brother to Death Over Ayuda Dispute

Young Man in Cagayan Arrested After He Stabbed Older Brother Over Ayuda Dispute

Authorities arrested a young man who allegedly stabbed his older brother to death after dispute sparks over “ayuda” or cash aid in Cagayan.

After the older brother was killed by his younger brother, the siblings’ drinking session turned into a stabbing. After the father of the siblings questioned the older brother about his misappropriation of money from the local government, the stabbing occurred.

Young Man Stabbed Older Brother to Death Over Ayuda Dispute

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Ador Castro, 43, was identified as the victim, and the suspect was his brother Jefferson, 18, a fellow resident of Barangay Dalayap, Allacapan, Cagayan. The victim died while the younger brother was jailed and faces a charge. The crime took place within the Castro brothers’ home in the said region, according to the Allacapan Police Station report.

According to the police investigation, the victim allegedly received cash assistance in their barangay, which was discovered by their father. The father confronted the victim about his money received from the local government. However, it was found out that he only spent the money he received on alcohol, which he then handed to relatives and his brother.

The victim allegedly attempted to harm their father while inebriated. As a result, the young Castro interfered to restrain his older brother, but his older brother’s rage turned on him.

The assailant approached the victim and stabbed him in the chest, killing Ador on the spot. The suspect was apprehended by responding officers and charged with homicide.

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