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Plane Passenger Reports To Crew That Woman Allegedly Breastfed Cats While On Flight

WOMAN ALLEGEDLY BREASTFED HER CAT – A passenger desperately reported an incident he saw while on a Delta Airlines flight.

According to the passenger, he saw a woman breastfeeding her pet cat. As such, he sent a message to the crew about the scene he saw.

“Req Redcoat Meet AC, PaX in 13A is breastfeeding a cat will not put [the] cat back in its carrier when FA requested”, said the text to the staff. Since then, the screenshot of the text went viral on social media.

Woman Allegedly Breastfed Her Cat Aboard Flight, Says, Passenger

Based on an article from an Australian News Site, the passenger was aboard Delta Air Flight DL1360 en route to Atlanta. The passenger said that the breastfeeding lady refused to put her cat back despite desperate pleas from the crew.

Throughout the years, the airline had stricken protocols when it came to emotional support animals. But usually, reports are for when the animals are acting, not their owners.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments regarding the incident:

Ugh, why did you do that? If there is anything about me anyone should know, telling me not to do something (in reasonable cases) is the sure-fire way to get me to. Curiosity killed the cat here. But at least it wasn’t human breast milk.

What gets me is she wouldn’t stop when she got caught. Things you can’t unsee.

Whatever you do, don’t google this. There are worst things than a cat

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