Vicki Belo Shares Worst Date Experience, The Crazy Thing She Did

This is what happened to Vicki Belo when this date with a guy turned out to be the worst for her.

VICKI BELO – Beauty doctor for celebrities Dra. Vicki Belo shares the story of her worst date experience with a man named “Louie”.

Every one of us surely has this one date experience with someone that eventually turned out to be the worst of our life. And when it comes to dating, Dra. Vicki Belo, when she was younger and single, had her fair share of interactions with guys she can see the possibility of having a relationship with.

And just recently, in her latest vlog where she did the “Truth or Drink” with Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu, they were asked about their awkward date experience. Opting not to drink anything from the unfamiliar mixes given to them in small glasses, she shared her date experience when she was just 18 years old.

She dated this guy named “Louie” and all is well until they reached his car. While they were inside it, he started with his strange and malicious advances on her like kissing her and touching her thighs which she did not like. Being a “dalagang Pinay”, she stopped him because she felt violated and disrespected. But what she did not expect is his violent response after her refusal.

Accordingly, he was furious as they sped away with his car. Feeling nervous about what’s happened, she did something crazy. While the car was moving at high speed, she opened the door in an attempt to get away from him because he wouldn’t stop the car. Good thing then, he eventually stopped his wheels and she immediately ran away to hide. He even called her “crazy” at that time.

As for Kim, the awkward thing about her first date is that she didn’t bring money.

Watch the video below:


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