Chie Filomeno’s Brother Reacts To Madam Inutz’s “Walang Mai-ambag” Comment

Chie Filomeno’s Brother Rio Filomeno Reacts To Bashers of PBB Housemate

CHIE FILOMENO – Rio Filomeno reacted to Madam Inutz’s straightforward comment about his sister Chie Filomeno regarding her contribution inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

Following a previous article, internet personality Madam Inutz trended online after nominating Chie Filomeno on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB): Kumunity Season 10. On the reality show’s 3rd nomination night, she explained that she wanted the actress to leave the house because she has nothing to contribute aside from making herself look beautiful.

Ex-PBB housemate Albie Casino was able to watch her moment in the confession room. When he first heard her savage remark, the actor burst into laughter out of astonishment.

Chie Filomeno has since received negative comments after Madam Inutz’s savage remarks. Her brother, Rio Filomeno, was also able to watch the viral merchant’s statement.

Rio came to the actress’ defense after she was nominated for eviction for supposedly not contributing to the show. Rio called the backlash “shallow” and a form of body shaming on his FB account yesterday, November 16.

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Rio Filomeno showed a compilation video of his sister doing tasks inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. He said, “My sister does not deserve the shallow hate that she’s receiving right now. She’s a very genuine and hardworking person.”

He then pointed out that the actress started being the breadwinner of their family at a young age. He admitted that Chie has faced false accusations in the past but she remained to “see the good in them.”

“My sister is still facing cyberbullying, body shaming and misogyny from nasty people in all different social media platforms with them not knowing who she really is,” he said.

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Rio Filomeno also listed some things that Chie Filomeno accomplished inside the famous house like being a choreographer and being a leader during the reality show’s 3rd week.


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