Pinoy Big Brother: Forced Evicted Housemates & Reasons Behind It

These are some of the force evicted Pinoy Big Brother housemates.

PINOY BIG BROTHER – Here are the former housemates who became unforgettable because of their forced eviction and the reasons behind the punishment.

Entering the PBB house is not easy. One has to go through the dreadful long lines to audition, long waiting of screening, and time-consuming process. People with stories get the chance to enter the house but after being accepted, the journey doesn’t end there. Inside the house, there will be challenges, and the strongest among the rest wins.

There are also house rules implemented which they have to follow. And if they fail to do so, they would have to face punishments depending on how heavy the committed violation was. Some face minimal punishment while some receive an automatic nomination. To housemates with the worst violation, they automatically get forced eviction. Looking back, several have been forcefully evicted.

Check out some of those former housemates who got forcefully evicted:

  • Banjo – Because of his odd behaviors and malicious words expressed to other housemates have made Kuya decide his fate. It might unintentional on his part but those have bothered other housemates and violated several rules in their Rule Book.
  • Tom Rodriguez – He is now an actor but got forced evicted below because of his violent reactions after losing in a challenge. Violence, in any way, is not allowed inside the house.
  • Maricris – One of the most iconic confrontations was the one between Bea and Maricris. However, Maricris expressed violent words against Bea amid the tension.
  • Emjay – The teen housemate had a different case. He did not violate any rules but because of his health condition, Kuya has to let him go for his own sake.
  • Ces – She violated several rules like asking things about the outside world, not using her lapel, whispering, doing pranks, writing secret messages, and moving of furniture.


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