Alexa Ilacad Fans Slams Other Housemates For Saying Actress Is A “User”

Netizens slam housemates who backstabbed Alexa Ilacad because of this.

ALEXA ILACAD – Pinoy Big Brother housemate Alexa Ilacad was accused as a “user” of other housemates and this is how her fans reacted to it.

Among the celebrity housemates who joined the PBB that opened for its 10th season just recently is Alexa Ilacad. The singer-actress, since she joined the reality show, has always shown her strong personality and for once, she got nominated because of her dominating and bossy personality.

But just recently, with the ongoing drama inside the house. many of her fans went fuming mad because of the other housemates. They talked bad about Alexa and accused her of something like using another housemate to gain more supporters.

Alexa as an actress has started young. Aside from being so talented, she is also an achiever in her school, and, for a time, she juggled her life in being an actress and student. She did well in both fields and inside the house, she took her graduation photo. With the time she spent as an actress, she was able to establish and maintain her successful career and this is the reason why her fans were mad.

They believe Alexa is not using Eian, a male housemate close to her, just to gain more people to support. Also, they refuted the claims of other housemates that she’s looking for a love team because, in her career, she survived without one.

Alexa Ilacad

From Wednesday evening until Thursday, the hashtag “LET ALEXA HEAR EVERYTHING” became a trending phrase online. The fans appealed to the management to literally let Alexa know what other housemates have been talking about her. They couldn’t help but react when Benedix told Eian that Alexa is only using their “love team” to stay in the house longer.

“Takot siyang mawala ang alien (Alexa and Eian tandem) dito.. kasi wala siyang bitbit dito. ‘Yun lang ang fear ko, sana huwag. Sana mali ako, sana mali ang nao-obserbahan ko. Tingin ko ginagamit ka lang ni Alexa, ang loveteam niyo dahil may supporters na,” Benedix said as they talked about Alexa and Eian’s closeness.

Comedian Brenda Mage also agreed to this but Karen, who was with them when they talked about it, defended Alexa’s actions and intentions. She said the actress has a “good heart” and even stressed that “nobody is using anyone” based on the recorded clip circulating online.

See comments below:

Sorry nalang she can shine without a loveteam. Omg makalagot ang mga bayot nga patakag yawit.

He clearly said “i hope not” and was just expressing his opinion. I dont think its ill intended.

Alexa is already famous since she was a kid. While Eian is sa Kumu lang naman sikat.

I’m just sad for Alexa because she doesn’t deserve those “accusations”.


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