Ellen Adarna, Derek Ramsay Funny First Night Experience as Married Couple

What happened after the wedding of Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay?

Newlywed couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay had this funny experience during their first night as Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay.

The whirlwind romance of Ellen and Derek concluded in an intimate wedding ceremony. They shared mesmerising photos and videos taken during the event witnessed by their closest family members and friends.

Ellen Adarna Derek Ramsay
Photo credit: @maria.elena.adarna IG

Aside from the couple, two of the most important characters in the wedding were their kids, Derek’s son Austin and Ellen’s son Elias Modesto.
In one of the wedding posts of Derek Ramsay on his Instagram Story, she revealed that there was a funny thing that happened to him and Ellen Adarna during their first night as a married couple.

That supposed to be momentous night after exchanging their vows amused them. Based on the article in Bandera, the actor revealed that his wife’s mom actually slept in their room.

Love you know I love you, right? Imagine, on our wedding day, our wedding night ended where I slept with you and your mom,” Derek revealed. Ellen reacted to this with, “No action” and they both laughed.

Then, Derek quipped, “Tita, thank you. I can see my future.” On Ellen’s IG Story, she also shared this stressing that indeed her mother slept with them. The mother of the actress, sounding guilty, apologized to the actor for what happened after the wedding.


So sorry Derek had to sleep in your room on your wedding night LOL the mom in law ohh my God kaloka,” the mother of Ellen Adarna said.

To recall, this is not the first time that the actress posted something funny about her mom. When her mother and Derek’s mother met for the first time, she shared also a funny photo.

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