BBM Camp Focused On Presidency, But Sara Welcome As Running Mate

According To BBM Camp, Sara Is Welcome To Run As VP But Party Still Focused On Marcos Presidency

DUTERTE – MARCOS TANDEM – According to the camp of Ferdinand “Bongbong (BBM)” Jr, they will still be focused on his presidency.

Recently, Sara Duterte cancelled her certificate of candidacy for the Mayoral position in Davao. Meanwhile, her brother, Baste Duterte also withdrew his candidacy for the Vice Mayor.

This caused heavy speculation as to what Sara might do. For now, people are expecting a Duterte-Marcos tandem as President and VP.

BBM Camp Focused On Presidency, But Sara Welcome As Running Mate

However, BBMs camp responded to the speculations saying that they are still focused on Marcos’ presidential campaign. But, they emphasized that Sara could still run for VP if she chooses.

According to Thompson Lantion, the secretary-general for the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP):

“Kung talaga nasa loobin niya naniniwala siya sa ating hanay…maluwag namin siya tatanggapin sa aming hanay… kung sakali yun magandang tandem yun para sa kaunlaran at pagsasama ng tinatawag natin kapayapaan kaunlaran”

He also noted that Sara already rejected the idea of running for President when the two “coincidentally” met in Cebu. Meanwhile, as a response to claims that Sara would run for President, Lantion said it was merely a lawyer’s opinion.

Albay 2nd District Representative Joey Salceda even stated that Sara always had Presidential Aspirations but her father got in the way. Based on an article from ABS-CBN, Salceda said:

She wanted to be president in the first place since May because yun naman ang there is that unyielding firmness to a purpose there was everything thrown at her from the side of her father…the father had his own how do you call that optics with respect to 2022

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